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Application Description File
Data Handling Pipeline (de Ronde et al. RNA 2017)
Factor Correction: removal of between session variation (update 4-2-2020)
Factor-qPCR: removal of between plate variation (update 4-2-2020)
Friedman test: non-parametric 2-way ANOVA
G-test: comparison of more SAGE libraries
Kruskal-Wallis test: non-parametric one-way ANOVA
LC480Conversion: conversion of raw data from LC480
LC480 to RDES: conversion of raw data from LC480 to RDES format (updated 19-02-2024)
LinRegPCR: analysis of quantitative PCR data (update 16-12-2021)
Web-based LinRegPCR (new 26-8-2021)
Proliferation Toolbox V1.16
SAGEstat: comparison of sets of transcript tags
SummStats: calculate summary statistics
Melting Curve Analysis
EMERGE Description File
EMERGE package for Windows 64bit (.zip)
EMERGE package for Linux (.zip)
EMERGE manual (.pdf)
EMERGE bed files Description File
dm3 whole specimen peaks
hg19 heart and brain peaks
mm9 heart and brain peaks
training data
OccuPeak Description File
OccuPeak package for Windows (.zip)
OccuPeak package for Linux (.zip)
Occupeak manual
Supplementary material
Description File
Bernadette de Bakker: Supplementary Data to PhD thesis
Stuti Prakash: Supplementary Data to PhD thesis
qPCR data with Methods paper
Freising 2023
Reader “Workshop: Web-based qPCR data analysis.”
Workshop data exercises
Workshop manuscripts